…fine cuisine
in combination with
the best wines



postikortti, Helsinki, Finland

The restaurant is situated in the basement of the wine store, so there is no natural daylight coming in nor there is a terrace. Inside it's a bit dark, but the ambiance is very pleasant. The interiors...

AppetizerMain CourseMain CourseDessert Selection

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HratchDavidian, Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia

And now they serve the best Sushi in Town, Fresh Fish imported directly. A new dedicated Sushi Chef from Philippines.Thank You.

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Garabed G, Paris, France

Although I didn't like the atmosphere with fake design elements, the food was superb, so was the wine selection. It's not a cheap place, but in a country with no sea you'd be nuts to eat seafood in a...

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AnahitG, Yerevan, Armenia

Very nice restaurant on a center of Yerevan city with remarkable and delicious food and admirable music. The interior of the restaurant is reminding a 1000 years old architecture. There is a nice bar...

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I was surprised to eat such a fresh sea food in a Country where there is no sea. I was feeling like in Mediterranean Sea.


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Ray A

Different level of quality in Yerevan. Superb dishes with top quality of food. Great menu and wine list, not strange since upstairs is also a wine and liquor store. Singing waiters accompanied by...

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Keira L, London, United Kingdom

I loved this restaurant. Food was excellent, I recommand foie gras and creme brulee! Great choice of italian and french wine and local alcohols. Beautiful interior and very good service... Plus, I was...

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Soup8, Huntington Beach, California

Excellent food. Great Service.I save for Special Occasions. Guests are always Happy with Noyan Tun!!

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JESM26008, Antipolo City, Philippines

Just a hop, a skip and a step away from Marriott Hotel at Republic Square in Yerevan, you will find this restaurant with a great ambience, an excellent selection of wine and delectable dishes which...

Excellent Argentinian rib eye steakGelatoArgentinian red wineArgentinian red wineGelatoArgentinian Rib eye steak

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Star*wolf, Virginia Horse Country

This is a really nice dining experience in Yerevan. Its in the "basement wine cave" of a wonderful wine shop, nicely lit, tables nicely spaced, white table linens, very good service (English...

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